Aero Open Day – Gympie 7.8.2016


Gympie Aero Club Open Day Kybong 7/8/16
What a great day this was !! GHAC had a good roll-up but was only one of a number of car clubs in attendance. However the wide range of cars and motorbikes on display paled almost into insignificance with the incredible number and variety of aeroplanes on show on the ground and airborne, from a C130 to home built. GHAC “christened” our new(ish) gazebo and very new club banners. (The hardware for the latter was kindly donated by Barry McLean, .thanks Barry.)

Aero Day 1

All set at the Aero Show.

Aero Day 2

Ted’s complement of Standards.

Aero day 3

C130 at treetop level.

Aero day 4

These two like a bit dicey to me.